Tourism Planning


The CTR planning process combines peer-reviewed tourism research and over a decade of professional tourism leadership experience in marine environments.

Through research and consultation, CTR provides essential planning for the development of unforgettable tourism experiences.

Education and collaboration is essential to sustainable tourism.

We work with our clients to develop innovative frameworks, goals, and objectives that match all planning and development needs. We also work with clients to create educational programs that enrich experiences with social, cultural and environmental aspects of a destination.

Through research and planning, we strive to help tourism operators and coastal communities meet their touristic potential.

At CTR, we believe that unforgettable sustainable experiences in the coastal zone and at sea can educate and inspire present and future generations of ocean stewards to protect, preserve, and enjoy marine environments.


Coastal Tourism Research offers comprehensive planning
for tourism at sea and in the coastal zone:

Business Planning

Coastal Destination Management
Expedition Coordination and Planning
Destination Analysis
Planning process development
Community involvement, engagement and outreach
Touristic experience development
Impact mitigation

Community Planning

Geotourism mapping
Stakeholder engagement consulting
Social sustainability consulting
Planning community outreach and education
Guidance integrating tourism brokers, locals and tourists 

Tourism Management

Progress-based Adaptive management 
System Monitoring & Evaluation
Indicator development
Sustainability Monitoring
System Impact Consulting

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