Tourism Policy

The policy research and consulting services offered by Coastal Tourism Research serve as a bridge that connects the interests of the tourism industry with the social and natural sciences.

 Coastal Tourism Research consultants address tourism policy as unbiased  policy brokers. We seek to provide our clients with an objective and holistic perspective on the policies affecting tourism ventures in the coastal zone and to provide a clear, mission-driven set of decisions toward sustainable business success.

For new businesses, we offer policy analysis services for determining feasibility and identify the best and most efficient direction for sustainable development.

For existing businesses, we help leaders shape their tourism product to consider sustainable development while adhering to the dynamic policy environment.  We strive to identify areas for both new policy development and business growth within a sustainable business framework.

For communities, we guide the development of tourism as an economic source. Through policy analysis and collaborative decision making, we work with community stakeholders to determine destination value while considering methods for integrating tourism as an economic source that also preserves essential social and cultural characteristics of the destination.


Coastal Tourism Research offers services to larger marine policy initiatives. We bring tourism policy expertise to the following policy areas:

Marine Spatial Planning
Ecosystem-Based Management
Fisheries Policy and Licensing
Mass tourism planning
Ecotourism planning
New venture policy analysis
Coastal Development
Community Planning
Cruise Ship Tourism
United States Coast Guard Compliance
American Bureau of Shipping Compliance

Our academic and strategic approach to policy analysis allows Coastal Tourism Research to guide clients to sustainable solutions for enduring tourism ventures in the coastal zone

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