What We Do


CTR helps coastal communities and tourism operators achieve tourism development goals. Together, we can help you create a form of tourism that is viable and preserves your region’s social and natural value while also enhancing human well-being with purposeful travel.

For Coastal Communities

For communities who want to promote tourism, CTR will work with local stakeholders and decision-makers to identify the region’s touristic value, to create community-based plans for the development of a sustainable a tourism industry, and to effectively market the destination.

For communities who want to manage tourism, CTR guides community-based actions to reduce the negative aspects of tourism while enhancing the positive aspects to make tourism more socially and ecologically sustainable.

For communities who wish to diversify tourism, CTR offers innovative solutions to introduce new forms of tourism into a community that ranging from heritage, cultural, and ecotourism tourism to volunteer tourism and citizen science.

For Coastal Tourism Operators

For new businesses entering the social or nature-based tourism industry, CTR will help create a unique tourism offering, develop and plan amazing trips, and to operate and market themselves as knowledgeable and sustainable tourism practitioners.

For existing businesses who wish to adopt sustainable tourism, CTR will lay out the necessary steps and considerations needed to change practices, diversify trips, and market to a new audience.

A transition to sustainable tourism can save a business in decline. CTR will help tourism operators reinvent existing business models and adopt social or nature-based tourism as a way of diversifying resource-based tourism facing depletion or regulatory barriers.




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